save the al capone house!

There’s an important hearing on Tuesday, May 10th at 9am. Please join us in-person or via Zoom to speak in support of the historic designation.
Meeting Location
Miami Beach City Hall
1700 Convention Center Drive
3rd Floor, City Commission Chambers
Meeting ID 817 483 474 88
to speak at public comment, click “Raise Hand” when the item begins. You will then be called on during the public comment portion of the meeting
Phone 1.312.626.6799 or 1.888.475.4499 Meeting ID 817 483 474 88
When public comment begins, raise your hand by dialing *9
If required, unmute by dialing *6

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Save the Al Capone House

– Help keep the Designation Process moving ahead

– Keep the Al Capone House protected

– Support a transparent and public process!

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We ask that you support the historic designation of the home at 93 Palm Avenue, which is likely one of the most historically significant single-family homes on Miami Beach. 

This home – which turns 100 years old this year – is currently protected based on the actions of the Historic Preservation Board, whose duties are to protect structures that meet the objective criteria of our noted City code

The Staff Report of the City of Miami Beach lays out evidence supporting historic designation but then recommends against designation… even though by the City’s own analysis it meets 2 criteria for designation when only one is required. In addition, criteria mentioned as objections need time to be vetted and more expert testimony needs to be added to the record.

We understand that there are some in the community who want to erase Al Capone and any of his impact on our city. However, it is essentially impossible to disconnect Al Capone, prohibition, Art Deco, and the city’s own rise and fall. Doing so would be an abrogation of the Historic Preservation Board’s own code to identify places that help define our city.

Please vote to keep the designation at the HPB and direct staff to continue working on improving the designation report in order to strengthen the report as record evidence for designation.

The hearing has concluded! The form has been closed. Please stay tuned for updates from the meeting.


9 Mar 2022
Commissioner David Richardson attempts to halt designation process, compares Al Capone to Osama Bin Laden

We were disappointed to see Commissioner David Richardson's item which seeks to stop the historic designation process at the HPB. Thankfully, he did not have the support of the Commissioners to stop the public process.

3 Mar 2022
Lobbyists Register at City of Miami Beach, disclosing $25,000 monthly retainer to represent the new owner

High powered lobbyists Alex Heckler and Mike Llorente register at the City of Miami Beach as lobbyists for the owners of 93 Palm Avenue.

11 Jan 2022
Historic Preservation Board votes to direct Staff to prepare a Historic Designation Report

Good news, in spite of the City of Miami Beach staff recommends against designation even though they find that the structure meets two of seven criteria - with only one required for designation.

11 Jan 2022
Miami Herald Editorial Board: Support Single-Family Homes preservation in Miami Beach
09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022

17 Oct 2021
Princeton scholar A. Brad Schwartz presents on Al Capone in South Florida
Jan 2020
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13 Sep 2021
Developers Withdraw Application for Demolition

It appeared the house was saved, bravo!

13 Sep 2021
Historic Preservation Board Discussion Item on 93 Palm Ave

Given community outcry, the HPB places this item on the agenda and there is a thorough public discussion, including expert testimony from the developers expert as well as opposing experts. In the end, the board proceeds to ask the staff to prepare a preliminary evaluation for historic designation!

7 Sep 2021
National Press Covers the threat of demolition
2 Sep 2021
Developers File for Total Demolition of Al Capone Mansion
Demolition Application Filed

Developers filed plans for a total demolition of the Al Capone mansion, one year before its 100th birthday. Miami Beach residents and preservationists alert the public to the plight of this landmark.