Ballot Initiative 2016

In 2016, Save Miami Beach 2016 Political Committee was formed. The purpose is to place measures on the City of Miami Beach ballot in order to help protect the quality of life of our 90,000+ residents.

Our ballot initiatives focus on zoning and historic preservation, and help put power into the hands of the voters in determining the future of our City.

You can view and download our petitions at the links below.

If you’re a Miami Beach voter, please print and sign each petition, and send them to the¬†address below. Note, your signature and address should match what’s on your voter registration. Send the petitions to Save Miami Beach 2016, 1051 Michigan Avenue, #3, Miami Beach, FL, 33139.

Download all 3 petitions in one file: Download Here

Please share these with your friends and family.

Together, we can Save Miami Beach!

Individual Petition Descriptions:

Height Petition: requires voter approval before increasing heights in a zoning district. Download Here


Save Our Homes: requires a historical review of older homes before demolition, in order to help preserve homes that meet the criteria for historic designation. Download Here


Create the North Shore Historic District in North Beach: Gives local protection to the Federally-registered North Shore National Register Historic District. Download Here

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